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Heritage Crafts is a world leader in counted cross stitch design. We work with talented artists, including John Clayton, Peter Underhill and Valerie Pfeiffer to produce highly detailed cross stitch designs which are a joy to stitch. Our cross stitch designs cater for everyone, male and female, from young children and beginners to expert stitchers.

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[29.03.15] We have two new designs this week. Peter Underhill's Little Darlings range has been very popular, so we're pleased to bring you 'Safe Haven', showing a somewhat shy hedgehog venturing out from his hiding place.

We're also delighted to announce the return of John Clayton's Thread Bears. 'Bubbles' is the first in the range, watch out for more to follow!

You can see all our latest designs here.

[17.03.15] Look out for the April issue of 'Your Cat Magazine' - it includes a free cross stitch chart by Peter Underhill - 'It's Spring'. If you need the fabric and threads to complete the chart, we're offering a pack here.

[11.02.15] Our latest design from Peter Underhill is 'Man Cave'. This keen gardener is taking a well earned break for a few moments in his private shed, surrounded by his furry companions! You can see all the Cats Rule designs by clicking here.

[23.01.15] Once again John Clayton has managed to shrink one of his popular Elegance ladies without losing any of the character. Dominique is the latest addition to one of our most popular ranges. You can see all the Elegance Miniatures by clicking here.

[13.01.15] 'Pink Lily' and 'Sweet Peas' are two lovely floral designs from Sue Hill. Both have been very carefully converted into cross stitch to capture the gentle fragility of these flowers without the use of heavy outlining. They are both lovely to stitch and make an attractive duo. You can see these and the rest of Sue's beautiful designs here.

'Roxy' is the new addition to John Clayton's Elegance range. She is full of confidence and is ready to show off her rather stunning hat. You can see the whole Elegance range here.

[07.01.15] Our first new design for 2015 is another in John Clayton's Elegance Miniatures range. This time Maria has undergone the miniaturisation process!

[04.12.14] Miranda is the new design in John Clayton's Elegance Miniatures range. Like the large version of herself, this Miranda is in a very thoughtful pose and looks beautiful with her lovely lilac hat.

[04.12.14] We're delighted to have been nominated in two categories at the 2015 British Craft Awards!

John Clayton has been nominated in the 'Favourite Stitch Designer' category, and Peter Underhill's 'Cats Rule' range in 'The Kit Collection You Couldn't Resist' category.

You can vote in all the categories here:

[28.11.14] John Clayton's latest addition to his Elegance range, Jasmine, is now available. Jasmine marks a new style for John's Elegance designs - we hope you like it!

Susan Ryder has also produced her first new map for quite some time - Provence. You can see all Susan's maps, including traditional British county maps, by clicking here.

Peter Underhill has also produced a new design for his Little Darlings range - Cat in Box. Click here to see them all!

[22.10.14] If you're looking for an ideal gift for a festive stitcher, or something to stitch to get you in the mood for Christmas, look no further than our Christmas Cross Stitch page!

We also offer a great selection of cross stitch Christmas cards - you can see them all here.

[08.10.14] Meet Stephanie, the latest addition to John Clayton's Elegance range.

We also have a new range of Easy Stitch Christmas Cards from Thomas Beutel. They are worked on 11 count aida and have easy to follow colour charts, making them most suitable for children to stitch. We have called them 'Easy Stitch Christmas Cards' and all four designs come in one kit which includes four cards. They are 'Reindeer', 'Santa', 'Snowman' and 'Elf'.

[30.09.14] Josephine and Sarah are the latest Elegance Ladies to be converted into miniatures - you can see them both here.

[25.09.14] Introducing 'Little Darlings', a delightful new range from Peter Underhill. Peter is a very talented watercolour artist, and we asked him to produce a collection of cats ‘in things’ using this medium. These are the first two 'Little Darlings', which have been converted to cross stitch in a 'watercolour style' with gentle shading and very little outlining. You can see them here.

[16.09.14] New designs! Joining, and complimenting, John Clayton’s ‘Christmas Cottage’ and ‘Christmas Church’ is ‘Christmas Village’. This is a lovely design which captures the feeling of family Christmases with its inviting cottages and houses, all lit up to welcome guests. You can see it here.

We also have some really nice new Christmas cards. These are from Karen Carter, and we think that they are very special. In each card the character and the background go together beautifully. These designs are full of detail and, as they consist of all whole crosses, they are not difficult to stitch. You can see all four here.

[19.08.14] 'Flutterbys' is the new addition to Karen Carter's Catz and Co range. Like the other designs in the range the background has lots of detail making it very interesting to stitch.

Thomas Beutel has produced two brand new Silhouettes for us - 'Sunset Stroll' and 'The Angler'. We think Thomas has captured the look and atmosphere of the original silhouette range perfectly!

[22.07.14] Peter Underhill has been very busy - we have two new additions to our Cats Rule! range to show you.

Firstly we have 'Santa Paws' which goes beautifully with last year's Christmas Cats Rule! designs, 'Christmas Kittens' and 'Catching Snowflakes'.

Secondly, meet our 'Crazy Cat Lady'! We all know and love a Crazy Cat Lady who spends her days surrounded by her feline companions whom she adores.

While some of her cats take an afternoon nap, the rest look rather mischievous. We think it's only a matter of time before the plant stand goes over and the kitten on her lap gets his tail pulled by the little terror peeking round the edge of the chair.

You can see the whole Cats Rule! range by clicking here.

[22.07.14] Four of our Christmas-themed MiniKits are now available as coaster kits. Click here to see them.

[09.07.14] Abbi is the new addition to John Clayton's Elegance range. Abbi is relaxing on a chaise longue which is strewn with delicate pink roses. She is wearing a lacy white dress which is perfect for her special occasion.

Also new for July are eight new Little Friends Coaster kits.

[09.05.14] Our first new design for May is from John Clayton. The herd of fallow deer in 'Deer Park' is grazing peacefully in beautiful parkland. The magnificent buck (the male fallow deer is a buck, not a stag) is standing proudly knowing that he is completely in charge of his does. You can see the John Clayton Collection here.

[30.04.14] 'Cycle Race', the latest addition to John Clayton's Sporting Scenes, is full of action and excitement. We hope this brightly coloured design will appeal to everyone who follows this exhilarating sport. You can see all John's sporting scenes here.

[26.04.14] We're delighted to bring you the first designs in a new range by Karen Carter - Catz and Co. You can see them here.

[17.04.14] Meet Vanessa, the latest addition to John Clayton's Elegance range.

A plush pink chaise longue is the perfect place for Vanessa to relax. In her beautiful white dress she is ready for that special occasion, perhaps her wedding or perhaps that lavish ball at which she will be the centre of attention. This is a very atmospheric design in which John has used a background of panelled walls to set the scene.

You can see Vanessa and the complete Elegance range here.

[06.04.14] Michaela Learner has produced six colourful new greeting cards - you can see them all here.

[05.04.14] We have three new designs to start the month with.

Firstly, we have a new addition to Karen Carter's Cross Stitch Critters range - 'Owl'.

Susan Ryder has created two new additions for the Little Friends range. These are 'Donkey' and 'Hamster'.

[01.03.14] Louisa is the latest addition to John Clayton's Elegance range. Looking stunning in her flowing dress, Louisa is the third 'full-length' Elegance lady.

[20.02.14] Alice in Miniature is now available. You can see all the Elegance Miniatures here.

We also have our first two new Cats Rule designs for 2014 from Peter Underhill, 'Where There's a Will' and 'Never Too Old'. You can see all the Cross Stitch Critters here.

[10.02.14] The latest Miniature Elegance Lady is Victoria. She will be followed by Alice in Miniature soon - both ladies look lovely, perhaps ready for a Spring wedding. You can see all the Elegance Miniatures here.

The number of Karen Carter's 'Critters' is growing! Spider is happy to support any football team with his brightly coloured boots and our Alien just wants to make friends (we love his big pink boots!) You can see all the Cross Stitch Critters here.

Susan Ryder has added a lamb to the popular Little Friends range.

New cross stitch kits from Heritage Crafts