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Heritage Crafts is a world leader in counted cross stitch design. We work with talented artists, including John Clayton, Peter Underhill and Valerie Pfeiffer to produce highly detailed cross stitch designs which are a joy to stitch. Our cross stitch designs cater for everyone, male and female, from young children and beginners to expert stitchers.

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[21.01.16] Today we have two new designs from Karen Carter and John Clayton.

'Grey Squirrel' is a new addition to Karen Carter's Woodland Creatures. The colours and detail in this design are beautiful and make the picture very interesting to stitch. We love the highlights on the squirrel's coat and on the log and plants. The colours in the background set the design off to perfection.

Lilly is another stunning lady from John Clayton's Elegance range. This beautiful Art Deco picture shows Lilly standing with her back to a mirror. Her dress, with its beautifully textured rich fabric and simple angular lines, is shown off to perfection.

You can see all olur newest cross stitch designs here.

[12.01.16] '25' and '50' are the latest additions to Susan Ryder's Occasions range of greeting cards. '25' includes silver thread, and '50' gold thread. You can see all the Occasions cards here.

[04.01.17] To begin 2017 we have added three designs by Karen Carter to our Simply Heritage range. This is a range of whole-stitch only designs, ideal for beginners or a 'quick stitch' for the more experienced cross stitcher! They are available as complete cross stitch kits with 14 count aida fabric.

[19.12.16] Our final designs of 2016 are from Karen Carter and Peter Underhill. 'Owl' is a new addition to Karen's Woodland Creatures range, and 'Hold on to Your Dreams' is the latest in Peter's Cats Rule range.

[12.12.16] '18' and '21' are the first two designs in a new range of cross stitch greeting cards by Susan Ryder - Occasions. These designs all have pretty, busy backgrounds to the numbers and are perfect for that special birthday or wedding anniversary. They come complete with a card and envelope.

[01.12.16] Meet Grace, the brand new addition to John Clayton's Elegance range.

[30.11.16] Karen Carter has produced another colourful design for her Birds of a Feather range, this time featuring some festive owls! You can see this and the whole 'Birds of a Feather' range here.

[01.11.16] Based on one of our most popular ever designs, 'Sitting Pretty' by Valerie Pfeiffer, we're delighted to bring you 'Festive Chicks'! You can see this and the whole 'Trios' range here.

[31.10.16] Maria Diaz has created some delightful cross stitch Christmas cards for us, using gentle colours and a hint of gold thread. You can see them all here.

[23.10.16] We're delighted to bring you four new additions to Leslie Stone's popular Memories range. You can see them all here.

[10.10.16] Peter Underhill has created some new Justin Bear and Justine Bear greeting cards - this time with a Christmas theme.

You can see all the Justin Bear card kits here, and the Justine Bear kits here.

[30.09.16] We have three new designs for you today from Karen Carter - in her distinctive style which has been so popular. There is so much to see in these designs, which makes stitching them fascinating and very rewarding. These are from the Birds of a Feather range. They are all available on 27 count evenweave fabric and on 14 count aida.

[28.09.16] Following the success of John Clayton's 'Christmas Cottage', 'Christmas Church', 'Christmas Toy Shop' and 'Christmas Village', we have 'Christmas Inn'. This is a very atmospheric design of an old black and white inn in the snow. Every window is lit up, making a very welcoming sight for the travellers who have just arrived in the horse drawn coach.

You can all John's Christmas designs here.

[20.08.16] Peter Underhill has created two more Justin Bear card designs for us. 'Just wishing' shows Justin sitting gazing at a star. What could he be wishing for? This design makes a lovely greeting card for any occasion. As well as a beautiful greeting card, 'Just Married' would also make a lovely wedding sampler.

You can all the Justin Bear card kits here.

[12.08.16] We have two new Birds of a Feather from Karen Carter!

There is so much to see in both these designs, which makes stitching them fascinating and very rewarding.

The yellow bird in 'Birdbath' is thoroughly enjoying splashing around and the green bird is worried in case he uses up all the water, whereas the pink bird looks a bit surprised and the black bird is not sure at all! The little golden bird at the bottom is waiting patiently for his turn.

The scarecrow is very happy, but he is not really doing a very good job! The cat is happily watching the brightly coloured birds (it's all right, he's not going to catch any!)

You can see the colourful Birds of a Feather range here.

[05.08.16] Rachel is the latest John Clayton Elegance Lady to undergo the miniaturisation process! You can see Rachel in Miniature along with all John's miniature Elegance ladies here.

[02.08.16] Justin has been very popular, so here's Justine! - Each of these greetings cards can be used for many different occasions. Our Justine designs are worked on 14 count aida and each kit contains a greetings card and envelope.

You can see the first four Justine designs here.

We also have a new Justin design - 'Just Lovely'. You can see all the Justin Bear cards here.

[16.06.16] Today we have two new Woodland Creatures by Karen Carter.

The Mouse is eating a nut against a background of corn, nuts and grasses, all in lovely Harvest colours. Foxgloves, grasses and berries make a beautiful background to the brightly coloured Fox, who is curled up fast asleep. The creamy yellow backgrounds of all these designs are fully stitched and both are available on 27 count evenweave fabric or on 14 count aida.

You can see all four designs in the range here.

[03.06.16] Our first two new designs of the month are ready!

Firstly we have a new addition to Peter Underhill's Cats Rule! range, featuring the return of Crazy Cat Lady. This time she is enjoying her breakfast in bed surrounded by her many cats, some naughty, some good... and some asleep. A delightful piece to stitch, full of detail and cats!

Secondly, we have the first addition to John Clayton's Flower Panels range for several years - 'Foxglove'. The contrast between the vibrant colour of the flowers and the greens of the background is truly striking.

You can see all our latest cross stitch designs here.

[27.05.16] John Clayton's latest Miniature Elegance design is 'Amelia'. You can see this beautiful range here.

[18.05.16] More discontinued kits have been added to our clearance page - these are the last stocks of some kits we're 'retiring' this year. You can find the remaining stock at half price or better here.

[17.05.16] These first two Woodland Creatures by Karen Carter are full of interest, and the colours are gorgeous. Available on 27 count evenweave fabric or on 14 count aida, these are a delight to stitch!

Just ready is our set of Juniors Plus designs. These designs are from Amanda Jane Butler, and we think that they are just what is needed for children of ten plus, although they'd be good for adult beginners too. All are worked on 11 count aida and contain step by step instructions and a piece of practice material for the new stitcher to get to grips with cross stitch before they start on the real thing. You can see them all here.

[13.05.16] Alas, we're running short of space in our stockroom - that means we need to retire some of our kits! You can find the remaining stock at half price or better here.

[27.04.16] Suko is the latest of John Clayton's Elegance ladies to become a Miniature. This beautiful lady is wearing a traditional Japanese costume. You can see her here along with the rest of John's miniatures.

'Penguin Chick' is from the Little Friends collection. This little fellow is beginning to get his 'grown up' white coat. He is sitting on the ice wondering what to get up to next!

[26.04.16] The shops in Peter Underhill's 'High Street' are now available individually as chart packs, containing charts and instructions only. These are all shops from our traditional high streets and will hopefully bring nostalgic memories to many people. The shops all fit together and stitchers can stitch their favourite one on its own or put two or three together. You'll find them here along with the complete High Street kit.

[13.04.16] John Clayton's new design is of a full length Elegance lady, and her name is Susannah. This lady is certainly turning a few heads with her beautiful red dress which she is showing off to perfection. The stone pillar and table with a vase of red flowers are the finishing touch to this lovely design. You can see the Elegance range here.

[24.03.16] Meet Justin, our new little bear by Peter Underhill. The first four designs are now available, complete with cards and envelopes. Click here to see them all!

[09.03.16] We have two more new designs for you today.

'Dolphin' is the latest addition to the Little Friends collection. He is enjoying swimming under the water where he can twist and turn freely. The sunlight filtering through the sea highlights the colours of his skin.

'Blue Tits' demonstrates Peter Underhill's serious side. These two pretty birds are happily pecking away at a string of nuts - the latest addition to Peter's Little Darlings range.

[07.03.16] John Clayton's newest design is 'Snowy Village', a beautiful winter scene. A father and son are enjoying sledging in the crisp snow on this quiet village lane under an atmospheric winter sky which promises more snow. This is another addition to the John Clayton Collection, based on John's watercolour paintings.

[17.02.16] We have another addition to Peter Underhill's Cats Rule! range - Spring is Here!

[10.02.16] 'Don't let it Beat You!' was inspired by a lady who recovered from a stroke by making herself do cross stitch. She actually stitched our Otter from John Stubbs and when we spoke to her 'Don't let it Beat You' were her very apt words. In Peter Underhill's design we see a lovely tabby cat who has hurt his tail. He has to wear a collar so that he is not tempted to try to undo the bandage with his teeth. However, with the collar on it is very difficult to get at his food, but he's not going to let it beat him. Those of us who have cats who have been in this situation know that they always do manage to get at their food! You can see this and the rest of the Cats Rule range here.

[08.02.16] 'Jug of Poppies' is John Clayton's latest design, based on one of his stunning watercolour paintings. This beautiful picture would grace any home with its lovely shades of red and green. It's part of the John Clayton Collection.

[03.02.16] 'Topiary with Crazy Cat Lady' is the perfect companion to 'Baking with Crazy Cat Lady'. They are both part of Peter Underhill's Cats Rule range. Here we see our cat lady being artistic in the garden. She has made part of her hedge into a purrfect cat shape and has even decorated it with a ribbon. Flowers make the eyes and mouth and twigs the whiskers. The two cats who have been helping her look very impressed with her work, although the grey one looks a little wary! This design is very absorbing to stitch as the detail makes it interesting and it is very satisfying to see a picture like this appear as you stitch!

[13.01.16] Our first designs for 2016 are two new designs from Karen Carter in her Birds of a Feather range. We all know that geese love to gossip, and these are certainly no exception. Their expressions and the movement of their wings help us to imagine what they are saying to each other. The brightly coloured pheasants in 'Fair Game' are not going to miss a thing. Apart from the one who is busy eating they are all listening and watching. You can see them all here.

[07.12.15] ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ has been so popular that we thought that we would feature her in more designs. ‘Baking with Crazy Cat Lady’ is the first. Here she is proudly holding up a cake which she has just finished icing. Five of her cats have been helping her and are hoping to help her eat it. Everything is cat related from her apron to the purple timer and the wooden spoon. This is a very interesting design to stitch as there is so much going on. You can see this design and all of Peter Underhill's 'Cats Rule' range here.

[30.11.15] 'Packhorse Bridge' is the latest addition to the John Clayton Collection, based on another of his stunning watercolour paintings.

[27.11.15] We have two wonderful new designs from Karen Carter - the first two of her 'Birds of a Feather' collection. Click here to see them!

[24.11.15] Meet Rachel, the brand new Elegance lady by John Clayton!

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