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Heritage Crafts is a world leader in counted cross stitch design. We work with talented artists, including John Clayton, Peter Underhill and Valerie Pfeiffer to produce highly detailed cross stitch designs which are a joy to stitch. Our cross stitch designs cater for everyone, male and female, from young children and beginners to expert stitchers.

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[24.11.15] Meet Rachel, the brand new Elegance lady by John Clayton!

[13.11.15] Keep an eye out for the December issue of Your Cat Magazine - there's a free Peter Underhill chart inside!

[31.10.15] 'High Street' is the latest design from Peter Underhill. He loved painting this street scene, and it was very enjoyable converting it into cross stitch and stitching it. Peter has chosen three quite different shops for this first scene - yes, there are more to come! These bring back memories of times when shops like these were common in all towns.

This design is part of the The Peter Underhill Collection.

[19.10.15] Susan has wanted to have a go at some designs based on stained glass windows for some time, and here are the results!

Nativity, The Shepherds and The Wise Men make attractive Christmas cards, or they could be mounted and framed as three complimentary pictures. You can see them here.

[21.09.15] Oh dear, it seems not everyone is looking forward to Christmas!

'I Hate Christmas' is the latest addition to Peter Underhill's Cats Rule range.

[17.09.15] 'Nativity' is the brand new addition to The John Clayton Collection.

[07.09.15] We have a trio of new feline designs for September!

'Sleigh Belle', from the Cats Rule range by Peter Underhill, shows a very happy cat who is full of Christmas spirit. She is wearing a collar adorned with bells and wherever she goes the sound of sleigh bells will be heard.

Now forget Christmas, and look forward to Spring with 'It's Spring', also from Peter Underhill's Cats Rule designs. This little cat is enjoying the rustle of daffodil leaves and the feel of Spring in the air.

British Shorthairs are very popular cats. This British Blue is the latest addition to the Little Friends range, and he looks beautiful with his blue grey fur and stunning copper eyes.

[20.08.15] Our latest two Silhouettes are 'Brollies' and 'On The River'. 'Brollies' is based on a design of the same name from our Twilights range, and 'On The River' is the latest design by Thomas Beutel.

[03.08.15] 'All You Need is Love... and a Cat' is a brand new addition to Peter Underhill's Cats Rule range.

[28.07.15] 'Fish 'n' Chips' and 'Boats' are from Karen Carter's By the Sea range. They perfectly complement the first two in this series with their bright colours and quirky nature. These designs are proving to be very popular!

[27.07.15] 'Lavender Fields' is from John Clayton's Internationals. A beautiful field of lavender leads up to a farmhouse which is typical of Provence. The farmhouse nestles in trees and shrubs in the shadow of mountains. This is a lovely peaceful scene and you can even smell the lavender if you try!

'I Love Christmas' is from Peter Underhill's Cats Rule. This ginger tabby cat is really in the mood for Christmas with his reindeer antlers and the snowflake on his collar.

[14.07.15] 'Pug' is the latest of our Little Friends. Why do pugs always look so sad? They are sweet little animals and seem to be 'in fashion' at the moment. Our little pug is asking very nicely if he can go for a walk.

Jessica in Miniature is the latest of John Clayton's Miniature Elegance designs. Jessica looks stunning with her dark hair and colourful hat.

[25.06.15] By The Sea - These colourful new designs by Karen Carter are the first two of a set of four. Click here to see them!

[24.06.15] John Clayton's new Elegance in Miniature design is 'Miniature Megan'. She is very pretty with her straw hat decorated with summer flowers. You can see all the Elegance Miniatures by clicking here.

[14.06.15] Karen Carter's first two Painted Harbours were an immediate success, and now we have two more to make a lovely set of four. You can see them all here.

We know it's a little early for Christmas, but we also know that stitchers like to start on their Christmas projects very early, so we have decided to bring out 'Christmas Toy Shop' now. This design from John Clayton joins and compliments 'Christmas Cottage', 'Christmas Church' and 'Christmas Village'. John has created another beautiful design which shows a picturesque snow covered street with a very inviting traditional toy shop. Soft blue and yellow tones create a wonderful wintry atmosphere which gives off a warm glow. You can see John's Christmas designs here.

[08.05.15] We have two beautiful designs to show you this month from Karen Carter, and we have called them Painted Harbours. They are from Karen's watercolour paintings and working them is like painting in cross stitch! These designs have whole stitches only and so are perfect for those stitchers who like an easier interesting design to stitch.

You can see the first two designs in this range here.

[24.04.15] 'Harvest Mice' is the latest addition to Peter Underhill's Little Darlings. These very sweet mice are enjoying nibbling at their ear of corn while keeping their balance by twisting their tails round the stalk of another ear. This picture illustrates just how tiny harvest mice are!

You can see all of Peter's Little Darlings here.

[11.04.15] Our latest four designs come from Leslie Stones, an artist with whom we are very pleased to be working again. This collection is called 'Memories'.

You can see them all here.

[04.04.15] 'Francesca' is John's brand new Elegance lady. This is a full length picture, like Isabella, Gabriella and Louisa. Francesca is leaning against the balustrade which marks the edge of a terrace overlooking a beautiful garden. You will have to imagine the garden. In front of her are windows leading into a ballroom where she has been dancing with a very handsome man who will bring a drink out to her shortly. You will have to imagine all this too! Francesca's dress is a lovely shimmering pink, and she looks stunning.

You can see all John's Elegance designs here.

[29.03.15] We have two new designs this week. Peter Underhill's Little Darlings range has been very popular, so we're pleased to bring you 'Safe Haven', showing a somewhat shy hedgehog venturing out from his hiding place.

We're also delighted to announce the return of John Clayton's Thread Bears. 'Bubbles' is the first in the range, watch out for more to follow!

You can see all our latest designs here.

[17.03.15] Look out for the April issue of 'Your Cat Magazine' - it includes a free cross stitch chart by Peter Underhill - 'It's Spring'. If you need the fabric and threads to complete the chart, we're offering a pack here.

[11.02.15] Our latest design from Peter Underhill is 'Man Cave'. This keen gardener is taking a well earned break for a few moments in his private shed, surrounded by his furry companions! You can see all the Cats Rule designs by clicking here.

[23.01.15] Once again John Clayton has managed to shrink one of his popular Elegance ladies without losing any of the character. Dominique is the latest addition to one of our most popular ranges. You can see all the Elegance Miniatures by clicking here.

[13.01.15] 'Pink Lily' and 'Sweet Peas' are two lovely floral designs from Sue Hill. Both have been very carefully converted into cross stitch to capture the gentle fragility of these flowers without the use of heavy outlining. They are both lovely to stitch and make an attractive duo. You can see these and the rest of Sue's beautiful designs here.

'Roxy' is the new addition to John Clayton's Elegance range. She is full of confidence and is ready to show off her rather stunning hat. You can see the whole Elegance range here.

[07.01.15] Our first new design for 2015 is another in John Clayton's Elegance Miniatures range. This time Maria has undergone the miniaturisation process!

Rachel - the new Elegance Lady by John Clayton

Cross Stitch High Street by Peter Underhill

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I Hate Christmas cat cross stitch by Peter Underhill

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